Sunday 28 September 2014

BSc IT Exam Time Table and Results

This post intends to explain students about when BSc IT exams are scheduled and results are declared. At the end of the post you will find link to the page where you can check result of your university exam.

I assume that you are familiar with examination structure of bsc it and you are aware that for first and second year you appear for college exams and for third and final year you appear for university exams.

College Exams

  • Semester 1 and Semester 3

  • These two semesters starts after summer and typically at the beginning of academic year. Timetable for these examinations is decided by college's examination department and declared at least one month prior to exams. Exams for these semesters are usually programmed in starting of September and results are declared couple of months after examination.

  • Semester 2 and Semester 4

  • These semesters begin in winter usually few weeks after diwali festival. Timetable for this examination is also generally declared before one month from exam date and in most colleges exams are scheduled in mid march.

  • ATKT examination and Results

  • If you know passing rules of bsc it then you are aware about atkt provision. Typically college KT exams are scheduled within 60 days from result declaration which is one month period before regular exams and results are declared within one month after exams. However it is up to college to plan exams and announce results according to their convenience.

University Exams

  • Semester 5

  • Sem V exam is scheduled at the end of October and time table for same is declared one month before examination on Mumbai university's website. You can find time table either in examination section or in announcement section one month before exam. Results of this exam is declared after 2-3 months. ATKT examination of fifth sem takes place just before one or two weeks from regular Sem VI examination. It is cumbersome task if you are appearing fifth Sem atkt exam because you can't cope with amount of course work. Usually in this period you remain busy with internals and project work of sixth semester and it become challenging task to study for subjective atkt exams along with burdensome course work. So if you are appearing for this exam make sure you are not ill managed.

  • Semester 6

  • Sem VI exams are scheduled at the end of April. Time table is declared 4 to 6 weeks before examination and result is declared after 2 months from examination. ATKT exam of sixth sem usually scheduled before regular Sem V exams.

  • Revaluation Results

  • If you apply for revaluation of your answer sheet then I must tell you that you are in very bad position because revaluation system of Mumbai University is very pathetic. It is mandatory for university to declare revaluation result within 45 days from submission of revaluation application but it turned out they don't adhere to it. This creates lots of problems. First is you never get sure beforehand about your reevaluated marks and it become compulsory for you to study that subject along with current semester subjects. Second is on many occasions they don't declare results even before reexamination. It mandate you to appear for re-examination so revaluation application turns out futile. They declare results in stages and if you are lucky enough you get result before reexamination.

Checking Revaluation Results

Since University declares results in stages so it becomes difficult job to keep up with their announcements. So I suggest you to use Google's Advanced Search for your help. Where you can search specific file type (pdf in this case) and specific time period. Try this query for instance.

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