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Welcome to BSc IT HUB.

Hello visitors !!! This is Web log of BSc it in other words BSc IT Blog, this blog will give you essential information about BSc IT course which I think is useful for both beginners and those who have already pursued BSc IT.

What I want to serve?

I have completed BSc IT from Mumbai University and i know nuances of this course, so based on my experience i would like to share all possible Information about BSc IT. I would basically divide information on the basis of following section so that newbies and pass outs will find it useful.


This part of blog will give you insight about BSc IT course and scope of BSc IT so before taking admission you may find worth reading that what is BSc IT course actually is, Is it worth really doing and more importantly what one can learn in six semesters of this course.


This section will guide you about taking admission for BSc IT and I would emphasis on nitty-gritty of admission procedures such as eligibility, colleges which offers BSc IT, college to be chosen and which alternative courses you can pursue on same eligibility as of for BSc IT.


It includes information about resources such as syllabus, notes, books, tutorials, result, good practices to make most of your time and efforts. You will find this information immensely useful while graduating semesters.


This is one of the important part of course and many students may find it helpful because before giving universities exams having handful of tips and pre known things are always better especially knowing areas like how exams are conducted, how papers are evaluated and what are the essential measures that could be taken in order to avoid any back logs.


In the last semester of BSc IT students will have to create software application using the knowledge that student has gained in previous semesters of curriculum. I would be glad to give you every possible information and resources in order to do well in your projects and also tell you about how to make good use of project experience in your entire software career.


After completing graduation, what are the opportunities in software industry that one could grab and how to prepare yourself for job in IT industry. Also what are the further options that one can choose for higher education after completing BSc IT, will be briefly discussed in this section.

If you want to give any useful suggestions or feedback about this blog, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to reach back and implement your suggestions so that we can serve web community better.

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Thank you and enjoy BSc IT HUB.