Saturday 2 August 2014

Revaluation Rules of Mumbai University - BSc IT

In this article we are going talk about revaluation rules of mumbai university in general. The intended audience are Mumbai University's BSc IT students but this rules are applicable in almost every branch of mumbai university.

What is revaluation process ?

When you fail in any subject of any semester or not satisfied with obtained marks in exam then you can apply for revaluation of your mark sheet. In revaluation your paper is rechecked (Reassessed) and marks are recounted. If you want more transparent way to deal with situation then you can also obtain photocopy of your answer book but make sure you understand rules beforehand. Now don't confuse revaluation and photocopy, these are two different cases. If you are applying for revaluation then you will not receive photocopy of your answer paper but you can apply for both at same time by filling two different application forms. Also it is not mandatory to apply for photocopy in order to done revaluation and other way around.

Revaluation rules for students (Applicants) :

  1. You can apply for revaluation of theory subjects only. Revaluation of internal assessment such as practicals, project work is not permitted.

  2. Revaluation is facilitated only for university examination and colleges will not be bound to provide revaluation facility for college examinations.

  3. If you have chosen distance education program to complete graduation then revaluation facility will not be provided from university.

  4. Minimum marks required for revaluation : You can only apply for reval if you have secured at least 20% of the total marks. Suppose it is 100 marks theory paper then you must secure marks grater than or equal to 20 in that subject to become eligible for revaluation.

  5. Revaluation for passed candidates : If you have passed given subject but obtained marks are not up to your expectation then you can apply for reeval.

    1. How to apply for revaluation

    2. Take revaluation application form from your college's examination department. If you could not get it from college then you can get it from IDOL office.

    3. Fees : Application form for revaluation will cost you Rs 500. From this fee Rs 450 will be actual fee and Rs 50 will be administrative expense for college. Reserved candidates will get 50% discount given that they have attached caste certificate along with application.

    4. You can pay fees by cash or by demand draft. For demand draft you have to draw it in the favor of college's principle. However it is advised to enquirer details in examination office before drawing demand draft.

    5. Application Deadline : You can only apply for revaluation within 7 days from result declaration.

    6. Please make sure you have correctly filled every required field in form and attached required document before submitting application because if any error is found in form during application processing then application will be rejected without informing reasons of rejection and you will not get second chance to apply.

  6. It is expected from university to declare revaluation result within 45 working days from date of received application.

  7. When Marks are Changed : If after revaluation your marks increased or decreased by 10% (Excluding grace if any) only then your marks will be subject to change otherwise your previous marks will be treated as final marks. Off course you can apply for reexamination if you did not get desired results.
    Example : In 100 marks paper you scored 20 marks and out of them 4 Marks are grace marks so you actually scored 16 marks then 10% of 16 marks will be 1.6. Now according to university rules fractions will be discarded and hence to get reevaluated result your change in marks after revaluation should be by 1 mark. (either +1 or -1)

  8. If you passed after revaluation then your result will be accepted as passed and appropriate class will be awarded. So if you pass in revaluation you will get class based on your new total marks.

  9. University will not facilitate photocopy of reevaluated answer sheet neither the revaluation of already reevaluated answer book will be done.

Rules to be abode by colleges

  1. College should provide application forms immediately after result declaration.

  2. College should charge Rs 500 for form and from that college will get Rs 50 per form as administrative compensation.

  3. After receiving application forms college should submit them within 14 working days from results declaration to university.

  4. Principal of college will be responsible for appointing teachers for revaluation if asserted by university's examination authority.

These are the rules as prescribed by university. If you want to be more comprehensive and want to understand nook and cranny of revaluation process then I suggest you to go through these rules (Part 2) as stated by university in which you can get answers to questions like :

  • What about further admission if I apply for revaluation ? To avoid ATKT and passing dilemma first make sure you understand passing rules.
  • What procedure is followed while granting reevaluated marks by examiners ?
  • What action is taken if original paper examiner found reckless ?
  • How examiners for revaluation are appointed and what are the rules which I should know if I were appointed as examiner (For Teachers and Examiners) ?