Last Updated : 16th November 2013

I am writing here at BSc IT Hub so that I can share my views about this course and I imagine other will find it useful.

Views presented through this blog are my personal views and no one force me to write their views. It is highly possible that you may not agree with my views and that is totally fine.

I also like to state that facts presented through this blog may not be totally accurate. However I take every possible care to maintain high level of accuracy in information. So by any means I will not be liable for any misinformation that I mistakenly convey.

The external links to other websites from this blog is provided as a reference for readers and I cannot guarantee completeness and accuracy of such sources.

Also information of this blog is subject to change because as I find more reliable and accurate source of information, amending old post is priority to me so that stale information can be regularly updated.

This disclaimer page can be updated periodically to make appropriate changes as needed. If you are interested in assessing authority of this blog then make sure you are visiting this page more frequently. You can always refer last modified date at top to check whether changes have been made or not.

If you still have any questions then please fill them out through this contact form. I will try my best to entertain your questions in reasonable time.