Saturday 22 March 2014

BSc IT Admission Process

Before reading this post I assume you are eligible for bsc it. I would like emphasis that this course is closely related with computer science and information technology, so if you are interested computer science then go ahead. This post will only explain admission procedures of Mumbai University and other universities may have different procedures. Application process of bsc it is something not fixed because of ongoing changes in procedures as dictated by university and colleges. Understanding the crisis i have made up my mind to explain all possible ways to get admitted.

Foremost thing to do is choosing right college, I would suggest that you make list of at least five colleges and arrange them according to your preference from high to low. You can also complete course from distance education program from mumbai university , in which you need not to get enrolled in any specific college rather you can study by your own and appear for exam. Mumbai University offers BSc IT and MSc IT distance learning program.

If you are planning to go with regular course then first step is to enquire whether admission process is offline or online and make you decision.

Offline Admission

  1. If its offline process then first thing is to approach colleges from your list and bring their respective application forms, this will cost you some nominal processing fees. Also ask for start and last date of form submission and documents to be submitted along with form.

  2. Fill your form and submit document, make sure you are submitting attested copies of document within given period. Attested documents would ideally include mark sheet of SSC and HSC and previous college’s leaving certificate. You can get attestation done form doctors, principles or from any other privileged professional. After submission ask for date of first merit list and note it down.

  3. Meanwhile colleges will process your form request and declare merit list on suggested day, this list will include names or numbers of candidates who can secure enrollment in that particular college.

  4. If your name is in list and college is also what you wanted then you can take admission by making stated fees with required original documents. If your name is not in list then you can wait for upcoming merit lists.

  5. If your name is in none of the list then you may want to get late admission

Online Admission

Online process is further divided into semi online or complete online

Semi Online

  1. This is same as offline version but only difference is that you will have to fill application form on college’s local network by visiting that particular college and their system will process and generate merit list.

  2. Remaining part is same as that of offline version.

Complete Online

  1. Now this process is not yet implemented by university but before they change their mind let me give you details in advance. In this university would create some online web portal to submit your form request online over web to preferred colleges.

  2. Web portal along with college administration will process your request and generate merit list.

  3. Probably colleges will declare merit list online on web portal or on their respective website and then you can take admission in desired college as discussed in offline version.

So key is to assess which process is currently being followed by university and colleges and then following correct protocol for that process.

Late Admission

  • The candidates who apply for course include engineering prospects, so they may be merely securing admission until engineering admission process is concluded. So if they get selected in engineering then they may prefer engineering over BSc IT and will leave BSc IT course.
  • So many seats will remain vacant, now you can approach college to get admission. If your application meets college's merit criteria they will allow you to get admitted.
  • Usually this happens after few weeks from regular application process so chances are you will miss few weeks of college.
  • But remember that college will only allow you if you have participated in regular admission process with that college. In other words you must have filled application form for that college when regular admission process had commenced.

Admission after Diploma

As diploma students can also get admitted in second year of bsc it course. However this is not so demanded admission process and hence colleges remain at their liberty to handle admission process by their own way. If you are diploma student seeking admission then i will suggest you to directly contact with colleges admission department.

So this is all about how to get admitted, before college starts you may want get familiar with course structure of BSc IT.


  1. Are CET marks considered while taking admission?

    1. No, CET marks won't get consideration.
      You can read more about bsc it eligibility.