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BSc IT Course Structure - Mumbai University

BSc IT is short form of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. This course can be taken by undergraduate students seeking bachelor degree in information technology. It requires 3 years to complete the course. This course is not divided into three academic years rather it is divided into the 6 individual semesters. Each academic year has 2 semesters and each semester comprises 5 different subjects. Subjects are mainly focused on information technology and computer science.

Subjects in Course

As stated the subjects in BSc IT course are mainly related to computer science and information technology, however the curriculum has other subjects as well including mathematics, professional development, software engineering and testing principles, project management fundamentals and cyber law.

Programming Subjects

  • Fundamental Programming Languages

    • Procedural C++ Programming (Equivalent to C programming)
    • Object Oriented C++ Programming
    • Data Structure with Java Programming
  • Web Programming

    • Web Deigning with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Client Side) and PHP (Server Side)
    • Web Application Development using ASP.NET with C#
    • Introduction to web development using Java Technologies: Java Servlet, JSP, JSF, Hibernate and Struts.
  • Database Administration and Programming

    • Database Management System (DBMS)
    • Microsoft SQL (MSSQL)

BSc IT Course Work

In each semester of course student has to do dully course work as prescribed by university. This work includes subject wise assignments, case studies, practical, project and last but not least exams.


This is one of the outdated and unproductive kind of work in entire course because these assignments don’t add any value. For each subject respective professor will produce unit wise questions and you have to look in mentioned reference book and have to literally write lengthy book paragraph as it is on your assignments papers. Each subject generally contain 6 units and for each unit 1 assignment. Likewise for each semester 5 subjects hence 30 assignments. :(

Case Studies and Presentations

The subjects without practical come under this category. In case study you will be given a topic related to subject upon that you have to search and document information. At the end of semester you have to present it to your professor generally using power point slides. This can be done individually or with fellow group members.


Every practical oriented subject falls under this category such as programming languages. Every college conducts weekly lab sessions to facilitate students with computers. Generally this includes creating different computer programs listed by university. At the end of semester college conducts practical exam also known as internal exam to test skills of students. Another chore with practical is that you have to maintain separate journals to log your programs manually.


At the end of the semester college conducts theory exams where you have to give written exam. This exam constitutes majority of grades/marks. In last year (3rd year) of Bsc it course theory exam is conducted by Mumbai University. The main thing with university exam is that common question paper for all students irrespective of their college.


In the last year of Bsc IT course student has to create project on what he/she has learned in previous years. Generally this includes creating and documenting working software but one can also create electronic / embedded system as a project. The point is it is that one is not limited to creating only software. Also in intermediate semesters some subjects will include mini-projects.

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