Monday 28 July 2014

Mumbai University's Photocopy Rules BSc IT

This article is written for BSc IT students to guide them on how to apply for photocopies of answer sheet. However the rules mentioned here are applicable for all branches of Mumbai University.

What is Photocopy or Xerox Copy

You can apply for copy of your answer sheet from university for any number of subjects irrespective of whether you are failed or passed in that subject. If you think you had written very good paper but marks are severely surprising and you are not happy then you can apply for duplicate copy of your answer book. It is also good idea to apply for at least one answer paper so that you can get idea about how papers are checked in mumbai university and next time you can prepare good strategy ahead of time.

How to apply for photocopy ?

If you are completing graduation from mumbai university affiliated college then you can contact college examination department immediately after mark sheet is displayed. There you will get application form for answer book's photocopy. This application form is not free and will cost you Rs. 100 as application fee. This fee can be paid at same venue from where you get form and can be paid by cash or demand draft. For DD payment kindly inquire at same office. This fee will not be refunded in any event.

If you are not affiliated with any college or doing graduation from distance education program then you can get said form in Mumbai University's office which is located at Vidyanagari Campus in Kalina. You can reach there from Santacruz railway station by auto or bus (BEST). Upon reaching you can find examination section on the second floor of IDOL building(For BSc IT) . Room no 211 will be assigned for the same purpose. Below i have shared the map to reach IDOL.

What is the use of applying for photocopy ?

As said earlier this photocopy will help you understanding what went wrong. Still you may ask yourself is it worth applying for ? And the answer is it depends. If you are confident that there is some mistake in checking then just go for it because you will get chance to correct checking mistakes if there are any. Check rule (10) for detailed explanation.

Rules while applying for Photocopy

University has provided this facility to grant xerox of answer-sheet however you have to keep following rules in mind while applying for it.

  1. There is difference between revaluation and photocopy. So if you are applying for photocopy then don't assume that it will automatically get applied for revaluation and vice versa. However you can apply for both at same time but as said earlier you will have to fill revaluation application differently.

  2. You can only avail this provision for theory examination which is conducted by university. For college exams this provision cannot be used because university does not mandate affiliated colleges to provide this facility.

  3. You cannot apply for photocopy of internal assessment tests such as practical examination, tutorials.

  4. The request for photocopy can only be made within 7 days from result declaration; so do not procrastinate. After application submission college will provide you a receipt of application which you have to keep it with you while collecting answer sheet from college. Also college must forward applications to university's examination controller within 10 days from result declaration.

  5. The fees for application will be Rs 100 which is to be submitted by applicant. Actual fee for application submission is Rs 80 and additional Rs 20 is for college expense.

  6. If you belong to reserved category then you can get 50% concession on application fee by attaching cast certificate along with application.

  7. It is advised to fill application form with utter care and attach all required documents because if any mistake is found or documents are missing during processing of application form then it will get rejected without giving any reason or opportunity for re-application and ultimately you will not get photocopy of your answersheet.

  8. It is expected from university to provide photocopy to applicant within 25 working days from received date of application.

  9. It is college's responsibility to put notice about received photocopies from university and handover photocopies to applicant in person upon authenticating and confirming original receipt of application.

  10. If you find that there is mistake in counting marks or if some question or part of question is not checked then you can meet professor-cum-director of IDOL (BSc IT) with answer sheet and sort issue out with them. But note that you should sort it out within 3 working days from the date of answer sheet received. Also this receipt date is not when you received answer-sheet rather when the office where you applied received this answer sheet from university. Note that you cannot explicitly argue with merit of answers you have written.

  11. If the question or part of question is not checked or paper is previously checked by moderator then moderator or concerned examiner will be called by appropriate authority of university and it is liability of moderator or examiner to show up within 4 working days from given date or else Rs 100/day will be charged as fine against moderator or examiner. However university will provide traveling allowances to moderator or examiner.

  12. If mistake is found then you will get receipt of result rectification upon which within 7 days you have to fill revaluation application form. If you were not eligible for reevaluation previously due to mistakes in checking but after correcting mistakes in rectification you became eligible for revaluation then you can as well apply for revaluation within 7 working days.
  13. These are the some of the rules which are enacted by university after order passed by Bombay High Court to bring transparency in paper assessment. You can read complete rules here at Mumbai University's website.