Friday, 25 July 2014

BSc IT Passing Rules - Mumbai University

This post is about BSc IT passing criterion of Mumbai University however many of this rules are applicable for general BSc streams of Mumbai University.

Basic Passing Rule

Till HSC examination 35% marks were considered as a minimum number of marks to pass examination. However in graduation 40% marks considered as a minimum number of marks. This rule is applicable for all branches of graduation in Mumbai University.

Internal and External Passing

If you know how BSc IT course is structured then you are aware of internal and external assessments. The passing system of BSc IT is also divided as internal passing and external passing which means that you have to secure minimum 40% in both internal and external. So if you have obtained 41% marks in internal examination but 39% in external then you are considered failed in external examination. If you fail in internal or external even of single subject then you considered failed for entire semester.

What constitutes internal assessments ?

  • Practical Examination
  • Case Studies
  • Viva Voce
  • Tutorials
  • Assignments and Journals
  • Project and Mini Projects
  • Project documentation
  • Each subject has some of the aforementioned assessments and has different marks distribution. The details of each subjects assessments and marks distribution can be found in syllabus of respective subjects.

What constitutes external assessment ?

External examination mainly comprises of written examination of subjective theory questions. All subjects make this assessment compulsory except final year project.

As mentioned earlier, you have to pass both internal as well as in external. If you could not pass either of the above then you become subject to ATKT which is again can be Internal ATKT or External ATKT. Unless you break through ATKT you are considered failed in that particular semester.

ATKT Examination

If you could not pass internal or external assessment of any particular subject then you can again reappear for those assessments.

Note that if you failed in external examination but passed internal examination then you need not to reappear for internal examination and vice versa. Typically ATKT examination is conducted within 60 days from result declaration.

Semester wise passing rules.

ATKT allow you to continue upcoming term however this exemption is subject to (but not limited) to following constraints.

  1. You are bluntly admitted in second semester without considering how many back logs (ATKT) you have in first semester.

  2. You only allowed to get admitted in third semester if you have completely cleared (both internal and external) either Semester 1 or Semester 2.

  3. If you have enrolled when university rolled out credit grade system also known as CBSGS then you must secure Grade 'E' or above in both Semester I and Semester II in order to get admitted in Semester 3.

  4. You will be accepted in Semester 4 without considering how many back logs you have in 3rd semester.

  5. Admission criterion for Semester 5 is strict and you must completely pass all previous semesters that is 1st Semester, 2nd Semester, 3rd Semester and 4th Semester in order to become eligible for fifth Semester.

  6. There is no limitation on how many back logs you have in semester V in order to get admitted in semester VI.

  7. However you must successfully clear all 5 Sems before result of Semester VI is out. Otherwise your semester 6 result would be kept reserved.

  8. This rules involve more intricacies and are quite vague to make firm interpretation. So I urge you to go through this rules as circulated by Mumbai University for both non credit based system and amended credit based system. Also carefully scrutinize these circulars with the help of your college examination department and college faculties. In past university has also published circular specific to BSc IT course to explain passing rules of Bsc it.

Re-examination of Repeaters and Absent Students

If you could not pass exams in first attempt or could not attend exam then you can reappear for examination. In case you were absent then you have to take special permission from examination head by explaining reason why could not attend regular exam.

How classes are awarded in BSc IT

Before explaining what percentage range has what class, we must clear following facts.

  • You only become eligible to get class if you pass examination in single attempt. If you failed even in single subject of given semester then you will get pass class for that semester irrespective of how many marks you have in total.
  • Only for last year single class is awarded combining both Semester V and Semester VI. So if you passed semester V successfully but failed in semester VI then you will get pass class and same is applicable in opposite scenario.
  • If you pass 5th Semester and remain absent for 6th Semester then you can give Semester VI afterward and your absence will not be noted as failure. However I have no concrete document to cite this point. I got this information when I called universities examination department but have no proof to stipulate this with utter confidence.
  • If you are admitted in credit system (CBSGS) then for each semester grades will be awarded.

Following table illustrates how class is awarded on basis of percentage marks secured in examination. If you have learned any programming language then you will find this table familiar.

Percentage Marks Class
Marks >= 75% Distinction
Marks >= 60% and Marks < 75% First Class
Marks >= 50% and Marks < 60% Second Class
Marks < 50% Pass Class