Thursday 17 July 2014

BSc IT Exams - Mumbai University

This post will help you in understanding Bsc IT Exams structure. You may find worthwhile reading that how much efforts you have to put in course before taking admission. Because exams are the crucial in deciding that. If you are pursuing Bsc IT from Mumbai University then this post is for you.

Bsc IT Exams can be mainly distinguished in two.

  1. College Exams
  2. University Exams

If you are familiar with Bsc IT Course Structure then you will notice that for first two years i.e. from semester 1 to semester 4; all exams are conducted by college from which you are completing your course and for last year i.e. for semester 5 and semester 6 exams conducted by university from which you are doing graduation.

College Exams

As mentioned above this exams are conducted by your college in your college itself. Key realization is that all papers will be set by your regular instructor but syllabus would be as prescribed by university. To be honest this exams are easy to pass because many colleges set lenient papers and questions they ask usually come from your assignments. Since it is subjective exams this approach is convenient because students can dedicate more time to the practical project work.

  • Practicals and Internals
  • In internal examination you have to do your assignment work, tutorials, case studies and practicals. The subjects which have lab sessions will have practical examination in lab which usually comprises of programming tasks or equivalent.

  • Theory Exams
  • In theory your college would conduct written examination which contains subjective question answers.

    The grade distribution for Practicals and for Theory exams can be found in syllabus section of first and second year.

University Exam

In the last year of graduation university conducts examination.

  • Internal Assessment
  • Practicals and Internals would be conducted in your same college but only difference is that some university appointed external would be there for grade evaluation. But on many occasions university fails to appoint external, in that event your college faculties evaluate your grades.

  • External Assessment
  • In theory examination (external assessment) university sets paper and decides centers where you have to give your written test. The paper remain same for all students irrespective of their college. Paper evaluation is done by university appointed grader.

  • Project Assessment
  • In the last year you create some software application and document it, it is also known as project work. This project work is evaluated by both internal (college faculty) and external (university evaluator) together.

The details of final year grade distribution can be found in last years syllabus section.

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